The hirer must obtain public liability insurance cover;
*in the joint names of the school and the hirer (if appropriate when linked to a special / major event)
*against the hirer liability
*for the purpose agreed in the booking confirmation
*for the amount prescribed by the school (minimum of £5 million)


The hirer must produce evidence of such cover to the school when submitting each booking form, failing which the school may obtain public liability insurance cover on the hirer’s behalf and an additional 10% will be added to the booking fee. The provision of such insurance will be a condition precedent to the confirmation of a booking.
The school accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to the hirer’s property or any other person’s property howsoever caused while attending any activity/event at the facility including (but not limited to) where such loss is caused by the negligence of the school or its agents.
The school gives no warranty in relation to the facility including (but not limited to) the compliance of the facility with any regulations of any sporting body from time to time in force or as to its suitability for any purpose whether or not made known to the school.
Save where prohibited by law the school shall not be liable in any sum for loss or damage incurred by any person at the facility howsoever arising and whether or not arising from the negligence of the school or its agents.
Where the hirer is a consumer as defined by the Unfair Terms in the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2000, its statutory rights shall not be affected by these conditions.